Freescale connect partner program

SaM Solutions has recently joined the Freescale Connect Partner Program and is proud to acquire the Partner status, having been chosen by Freescale as a recommended software solutions provider for a series of i.MX Applications Processors based on ARM® Cores and produced by Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

As a global leader in design and production of embedded hardware and software, Freescale provides vital technologies for innovations in the automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets with a current emphasis on technology enablement of the Internet of Things, Software-Defined Networking and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. SaM Solutions’ more than 20 years of software development experience in the global IT market to some extent predetermined and created great opportunities to form today’s strong, highly professional technological synergy with Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. in the field of end-to end system and embedded software development services. SaM Solutions is proud to have one of the best teams of embedded and Linux software developers in the industry who are responsible for Board Support Packages (BSP) and drivers development, as well as custom i.MX platform software development to business partners who use i.MX Applications Processors.

SaM Solutions has been recently engaged in a project, the main challenge of which was the development of a fully functional BSP for a brand new product based on the latest i.MX6 CPU. A respectable, well-established German computer company needed experienced specialists who had deep expertise in embedded development, kernel porting, as well as developing and adjusting modules for different types of hardware. Being a reliable supplier of high-quality and stable embedded software, SaM Solutions’ specialists designed a custom BSP. The team has also received several board samples, studied the supplied documentation and delivered a full board support package that met the requirements of the Client, enabling the company to get its product on the market in an aggressive timeframe.

Implementing state-of-the-art technologies in the field of embedded software, SaM Solutions recognizes the challenges and specific needs of modern business enterprises and offers the best service possible, being at the same time a trusted accelerator of your access to the Internet of Things market and cutting-edge embedded computing solutions. SaM Solutions’ team is now open to share its competence and experience of creating innovative embedded software solutions for a series of i.MX Applications Processors with its partners, giving gratis consultations, knowledge exchange, as well as providing free project assessment and help in creating our vision of your project.

Feel free to ask any questions to SaM Solutions’ English and German-speaking consultants or you can find out more about embedded software services from the official corporate website.

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