Bar Code Scanner. Firmware development and upgrade

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The client established their business over 20 years ago because of the need for barcode data collector solutions. They create high performance, easy-to-use barcode and data collection products that are cost effective. Their solutions help businesses increase productivity and efficiency in numerous industries. The client’s customers span North America and Europe, and range from small businesses to very large organizations with presences around the globe.


The client had new hardware for their bar code scanner that they needed to move onto the market quickly, yet needed to upgrade their existing firmware for the new device. The client required C/C++ experts who could develop and improve upon the older version of firmware, and who had the necessary experience to make the project successful.


SaM Solutions engaged its English-speaking experts in C/C++ to quickly begin the development process, as well as upgrading, of the current firmware being run on the client’s device. SaM’s experts first began a thorough study of the requirements provided by the client, and studied the firmware on a device that the client provided for testing and development purposes.

Our specialists were engaged in defining requirements, creating an automated build environment, developing software architecture, configuration, change management, and testing, in addition to implementation. Scrum was chosen as the development method in order to ensure team members worked closely and efficiently throughout the project.

SaM’s developers also undertook the development of all Linux kernels that were crucial to the new updated version of the firmware, which was under development. Upgrading the software required the creating of components such as system and driver software. Our developers also configured the WiFi module of the device to ensure proper communication with the base receiver, for proper transmission of data collection, in real time.


Operating System: Linux 32bit on Buildroot BSP

Programming Languages: C/C++, GCC Cross compiler for ARM

Project Management Tools: Git, MS Excel

Technologies: Buildroot, Buildbot, Bash

Bug Tracking & Testing: Jira, TestLink


SaM Solutions’ experts, thanks to their deep experience on software development projects, were able to provide the client with an upgraded version of its firmware for the new hardware, being used on their bar code scanners. The client was able to engage highly experienced specialists on their project and achieve great results, that met all their standards and deadlines.

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