Internet of Things Conferences 2018: A Guide to the Top IoT Events

The number of conferences, congresses, exhibitions, seminars and other events related to the Internet of Things is growing each year. Their geographic scope and scale are expanding as well. This can be explained by the fact that the IoT market is evolving: many industries deploy IoT projects; various products are being modernized and reshaped using smart technologies; people prefer utilizing connected devices in everyday life for communication, entertainment, healthcare, etc. Moreover, there are serious security challenges that occur together with these innovations.

The radical transformation of the IoT market brings to life dozens of new methods and strategies. Internet of Things events bring together people who want to know about these innovations and learn about how to implement them in various spheres. They also provide great opportunities for specialists to discuss the latest trends and problems, share experience and establish business relationships.

Below is a chronological guide to the top IoT events 2018.

1. Future IoT 2018

Future IoT 2018

2018 IEEE International Conference on Future IoT Technologies is organized by IEEE (the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity) together with The Eszterházy Károly University of Applied Sciences, University of Debrecen and The IoT Research Institute.

The conference will cover a spectrum of topics, from theoretical results to concrete applications and solutions. The following are included on the agenda:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Sensor networks
  • Smart devices
  • NFC and RFID
  • Localization technologies
  • Big Data and data mining
  • IoT security solutions
  • IoT for smart cities
  • e-Health
  • Mobile technologies for IoT
  • Visualization of measurement data
  • Virtual reality
  • Artificial Intelligence for IoT
  • Medical and agricultural image processing

The researchers, developers and users of IoT tools and technologies are welcome to attend the conference. Authors from academia as well as companies are welcome to submit original and unpublished papers. Students are also encouraged to participate.

When: January 18-19, 2018

Where: Eger, Hungary

2. IoT Evolution Expo

IoT Evolution Expo

This event is the leading educational and networking forum for the enterprise looking to understand how to develop and implement IoT solutions. It may be interesting for IT and enterprise executives, M2M platform companies and anyone who wants to know how to evaluate, select and implement solutions that improve business processes, create new revenue opportunities and drive business transformation.

In a series of informative conference tracks, workshops, keynote presentations, networking and general sessions, you will learn about IoT adoption and implementation across multiple industries (retail, oil and gas, healthcare, agriculture, etc.) and its enormous impact on operational efficiencies.

The IoT Evolution Expo goes hand in hand with the Industrial IoT Conference that focuses on the Internet of Things technologies and solutions increasing the productivity and efficiency of manufacturing and production procedures. The following topics will be discussed:

  • IoT on the factory floor
  • The industrial Internet security concerns
  • Trustworthy endpoints
  • The digital transformation opportunity in the industrial IoT
  • Putting a framework on connectivity requirements
  • MuLTEfire solutions: does LTE mean linking things everywhere?
  • IIoT and AI: thinking linking things
  • Blockchain in the supply chain

When: January 22-25, 2018

Where: Disney’s Contemporary Hotel, Orlando, Florida, USA

3. Industry 4.0 Summit

Industry 4.0 Summit

UK’s first dedicated Conference and Exhibition Industry 4.0 was held in Manchester on April 4-5, 2017 and attracted more than 270 conference delegates, 70 exhibitors and 1,500 attendees. The summit provided a great opportunity for manufacturers to hear from senior speakers and see industry 4.0 case studies.

Get involved in the next edition of the Industry 4.0 Summit 2018. The event will showcase, discuss and demonstrate hundreds of innovations (including the Internet of Things) to help manufacturers digitize and upgrade operations.

Comprising an exhibition, industrial IoT conference and plenty of those all-important networking opportunities, Industry 4.0 Summit 2018 is not to be missed.

When: February 28 – March 1, 2018

Where: Manchester, UK

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4. Advanced Factories (AF) 2018

Advanced Factories (AF) 2018

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the second edition of Advanced Factories, the greatest show of machine tools, robotics, Internet of Things, industrial automation, as well as the technology of the Industry 4.0 environment.

Advanced Factories will help you increase your sales and boost your business. You will have a chance to interact with executives and industry professionals regarding accelerating the processes of sales, and you will be able to take advantage of great business opportunities.

At Advanced Factories first edition in April 2017, more than 9,000 industry leaders and professionals and more than 200 exhibiting companies came together to discover more than 300 latest innovations.

Book your exhibition space for AF 2018 now!

When: March 13-15, 2018

Where: Barcelona, Spain

5. The Industrial IoT Strategies Summit

The Industrial IoT Strategies Summit

IIOT — the Industrial Internet of Things — is transforming the industrial landscape, providing dramatic productivity and efficiency improvements throughout the production and distribution process. If you want to know what strategies you need to deploy now to ensure you benefit from the transformational changes taking place with Industry 4.0, attend this summit. It will give the answers to how you can develop and implement a strategy to capitalize on the transformational growth of IIOT.

This summit is designed to provide a timely combination of real-world case studies, best practices, lively interactive debate and peer-to-peer networking. It will be of particular interest to individuals involved in the developing, planning or implementing IIOT strategies in their organizations from the following sectors: manufacturing, aerospace, transportation, automotive, life sciences, electronics, energy and utilities, oil and gas and some others.

Main Topics Being Addressed:

  • Business model revolution (learn how IIoT is shaking up traditional industrial business models)
  • The factory of the future (take away real insights on how IIoT is boosting productivity and learn about the world’s most advanced plants)
  • Upskilling the workforce (discuss how to get your workforce suitably trained and qualified to make the most of IIoT)
  • Security and standards (get an update on the progress towards interoperability and safety and learn about the complex merger of OT and IT)
  • Practical analytics (find out how data and analytics are being used to improve productivity and create more value for your customers)
  • Managing the transition (whether you are just starting out or are already a major player, find out how best to manage the transition to Industry 4.0)
  • Growth strategies (go beyond cost reduction and find out how IIoT is opening new paths to value creation)

When: March 14-15, 2018

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

6. IoTBDS 2018

IoTBDS 2018

The 3rd International Conference on Internet of Things, Big Data and Security (IoTBDS) invites participants to discuss the following topics:

  • Big Data research (BD fundamentals; modeling, experiments, sharing technologies and platforms; SQL/NoSQL databases, data processing techniques, visualization, etc.)
  • Emerging services and analytics (Health Informatics as a Service (HIaaS), Big Data as a Service (BDaaS), Security as a Service, Financial Software as a Service (FSaaS), Education as a Service (EaaS), etc.)
  • Internet of Things fundamentals (network design and architecture; mobile services; machine-to-machine communications; social implications for IoT; the future of IoT and Big Data, etc.)
  • Internet of Things applications (smart city examples and case studies; sensor networks, remote diagnosis and development; transportation management, etc.)
  • Big Data for multidisciplinary services (education and learning; business, finance and management; biomedical experiments and simulations, etc.)
  • Security, privacy and trust (firewall, access control, identity management; social engineering and ethical hacking; data security, data recovery, disaster recovery, etc.)
  • Technologies (3D printing; AI; biotechnology; nanotechnology; sensors; vehicle-to-infrastructure;vehicle-to-vehicle, etc.)

When: March 19-21, 2018

Where: Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

7. Smart IoT London

Smart IoT London

Whether you’re exploring how to become a data-centric business, or you are looking at the next steps of securing, analyzing and integrating IoT technologies with your existing or new applications and processes — Smart IoT London is the place to be.

It runs alongside other industry-leading technology events: Big Data World, Cloud Security Expo, Cloud Expo Europe and Data Centre World.

This platform is a tested place for technologists, vendors and sponsors to network and generate ideas. It offers real results for the 500+ exhibitors and sponsors who use its services, year after year, as their primary lead generation tool.  Put your brand, solution and sales team in the same room with hundreds of genuine and active IT buyers and influencers at the exhibition and walk away with hundreds of qualified and closable leads.

The conference will cover scalable, secure platforms where data can be acquired and managed according to certain standards, as well as how devices connect and communicate seamlessly with all connected systems and infrastructure.

When: March 21-22, 2018

Where: ExCel, London, UK

8. Nordic IoT Week

Nordic IoT Week

In the search for economic competitiveness and growth, IoT is one of the more urgent questions for Finland and the Nordic countries. It can help companies both in increasing their operational efficiency and reducing costs, as well as providing sources of organizational growth. Join and become part of the discussion at the leading Internet of Things event in the Nordic. The core themes of the conference are:

  • AI and machine learning
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Efficiency vs. sustainability
  • Connected transportation
  • Innovative platforms and ecosystems
  • 5G and new possibilities
  • Smart cities and smart homes
  • Service design and user experience
  • Disruptive business models

When: April 16-20, 2018

Where: Kattilahalli, Helsinki, Finland

9. IoT Tech Expo Global

IoT Tech Expo Global

The World’s Largest IoT Event Series will bring together key industries from across the globe for two days of top-level content and discussion. Introducing and exploring the latest innovations within the Internet of Things and covering manufacturing, transport, health, logistics, government, energy and automotive, this conference is not to be missed.

There will be case studies and dedicated seminars covering the entire Internet of Things ecosystem including:

  • Smart cities
  • Data analytics
  • IoT in enterprise
  • Privacy and security
  • Monetization
  • Agriculture
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing and supply chain
  • Sports and fitness
  • Connected and autonomous vehicles

When: April 18-19, 2018

Where: Olympia, London, UK

10. Smart to Future Cities

Smart to Future Cities

Smart to Future Cities is Europe’s only annual city-centric event. For seven years, city leaders from across Europe have trusted the Internet of Things summit to deliver practical, applicable, citizen-centric content. Join the summit to discover applications that improve well-being, find efficiencies and enable new urban services.

In 2018, 450+ attendees, 40+ speakers and 80% C-level and executive government attendees are expected. There will be some new features:

  • The Smart Cities Problem Pitch Session designed to highlight city needs and enable attendees to share their expertise. Pitch speakers provide a short five-minute snapshot of their city challenge, the audience provides the solutions.
  • Evening Experience Exchange. An extended session designed solely for exchanging experiences, ideas and business cards. City leaders, industry partners and academic collaborators sit down to discuss challenges in initiative planning, implementation and scale-up.
  • More speakers will deliver practical, applicable content regarding initiative scale-up, replication and long-term sustainability.
  • New exhibitors and products to discover. The exhibition hall will hold new exhibitors offering solutions for the smart city landscape (from smart street lighting and open data to power management and networking services, and much more).

When: April 25-26, 2018

Where: Radisson Blu Portman Square, London, UK

11. Internet of Things Conference

Internet of Things Conference

The Internet of Things Conference is an annual event aiming to provide a clear picture of the Internet of Things landscape — what the current state is and what the future trends are. Attending the conference will make you understand the value in IoT and help you navigate this unexplored field.

You will be offered a selection of hands-on workshops:

  • Security review
  • Smart homes
  • Blockchain

The conference consists of seven 40-minute sessions covering future trends. Topics covered include blockchain, smart cities, security, business, artificial intelligence and more. All sessions will be recorded and made available online.

When: April 26-27, 2018

Where: Malmö, Sweden

12. Internet of Things World

Internet of Things World

The Internet of Things World is a great place to find out what others in the industry are thinking and doing, and to forge relationships with colleagues. The conference offers a great range of opportunities:

  • A diverse audience with attendees and exhibitors from 70+ countries covering every industry sector (analytics platforms, security software, testing, sensors, semiconductors, IoT cloud applications, embedded services, connectivity platforms, networking services, device manufacturers, investment firms, consultancies, industry bodies plus much more)
  • 450 of the most influential professionals taking the stage
  • A Startup City with more than 100 of specifically selected startups presenting the latest innovations that you won’t spot anywhere else
  • Hackathon is back for 2018. It attracts developers, engineers and business professionals from Silicon Valley and beyond to battle for the grand prize
  • Experience zones focusing on industrial IoT and AI where you can try, test and play with the latest products in the market in a fun and interactive environment
  • More parties and social networking activities than ever before

When: May 14-17, 2018

Where: Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA

13. Internet of Things World Europe

Internet of Things World Europe

IoT means nothing to a company alone. Strong partnerships are everything. Industrial enterprises come to the Internet of Things World Europe to learn how to put these technologies to work and derive benefits. This conference is a stage where IoT comes to life, where R&D and proofs of concept turn into actual applications, at scale and across global businesses. It’s an integral part of TechXLR8 — London Tech Week’s headline expo. There are eight collocated events and one festival of connected innovations.

The conference will organize a great audience with 4,000+ IoT experts, 650+ enterprises represented and 145+ outstanding speakers.

When: June 12-14, 2018

Where: ExCel, London, UK

14. ICIOT 2018

ICIOT 2018

With the rapid advancements of mobile Internet, cloud computing and Big Data, device-centric traditional Internet of Things is now moving into a new era termed the Internet of Things Services (IOTS). In this era, sensors and other types of sensing devices, wired and wireless networks, platforms and tools, data processing/visualization/analysis and integration engines, and other components of traditional IoT are interconnected through innovative services to realize the value of connected things, people, and virtual Internet spaces. The way of building new IoT applications is changing. We need creative thinking, long-term visions, and innovative methodologies to respond to such a change.

The 3rd International Congress on the Internet of Things (ICIOT 2018) is organized to promote research and application of innovations around the world and focus on the creation and development of the Internet of Things Services (IOTS).

When: June 25-30, 2018

Where: Seattle, WA, USA

15. IoT Tech Expo Europe 2018

IoT Tech Expo Europe 2018

Europe’s leading IoT event series will bring together key industries from across Europe and beyond for two days of top-level content and discussion.

Join the conference and you will get:

  • Six conference sessions covering the entire spectrum of IoT; connected industry, IoT in an enterprise, smart transportation and cities, innovations and technologies, data and security and developing for the IoT.
  • 200+ senior-level speakers sharing real-life case studies and best practices from industries including manufacturing, logistics, government, automotive, health, transportation, energy, insurance, retail, security and more.
  • Opportunities to ask questions and receive advice with a Q&A session following each talk.
  • Latest technologies and innovations showcase with an exhibition of more than 150 companies, a dedicated start-up zone and an innovations stage.
  • Networking opportunities including the official messenger and meeting tool, the IoT meetup and an evening of networking following the first day of the conference.
  • Collocated events covering blockchain and AI, allowing you to explore a larger, and more varied exhibition during your visit, and to attract an additional 2,000 attendees.

When: June 27-28, 2018

Where: RAI, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This list of IoT conferences in 2018 is incomplete as we’ve compiled only the major upcoming events. There are many more small-scale occasions related to the industry in different countries. Their total number may reach hundreds per year.

Choose any Internet of Things developers conference to attend based on your own preferences and don’t miss great opportunities for your business.

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