Four Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile eCommerce App

Nowadays, people prefer mobile applications to desktops, as they offer more convenience, speed and adaptability. Consumers can shop anywhere,  even on the go. This has resulted in the tremendous growth of the number of mobile applications.

Mobile eCommerce app development is one of the most popular directions in the IT world today. The reason is that digital commerce has become an inevitable part of the sales industry. It’s a large ecosystem that involves customers, vendors, marketing activities and technologies. With eCommerce, you can buy and sell goods and services via the Internet much quicker and easier than in a store.

Marketing organizations, whether they are retailers, startups or multinational companies, take this fact into consideration and strive to provide their clients with a convenient mode of accessing and using their online services. Mobile eCommerce applications are the tools developed for this very purpose. They also perform some important functions, such as improve operational activities, acquire and retain customers, expand order volume and maximize revenues.

Benefits of Developing a Mobile App for eCommerce Store

The mobile commerce is growing exponentially these days. If you want to build a successful trading enterprise and focus on drawing customers and increasing sales, the importance of having mobile eCommerce solutions should be obvious. Actually, there are numerous reasons why you should have a mobile solution for your webshop. We’ve compiled them and picked out the four most important benefits of eCommerce apps for your business.

1. Loyal customers

Although a mobile app is a copy of the existing website, it has some important advantages over the desktop option. The main advantage is that it is highly optimized, personalized and well-designed. This is the key point for the acquisition and retention of customers. With a mobile shopping app, customers find themselves in a convenient online store where they can choose goods and purchase them without the hustle and bustle.

  • Shopping preferences and previous orders can be saved in the app. This saves time by getting customers to the check-out quicker.
  • Shopping is accessible from anywhere 24/7, so the buyers are not tied to the working hours and locations.
  • The other main feature is the loading time. A mobile application has one tremendous advantage over a responsive website: its pages load faster. Therefore, mobile apps reel in more clients. Managers should realize that in the retail business, seconds count. Most visitors will leave the site if it needs more than three seconds to load. They will most likely turn to competitors.
  • The best eCommerce applications can provide users with the basic functionality (to compare products, to check prices) even offline using a full-power performance of a smart device.

Thus, eCommerce apps are able to create a solid loyal audience for your company.

eCommerce apps

Source: Google

2. Better conversion rate and brand recognition

Mobile apps support strong connections with customers and engage them more. Integrate popular social media platforms into your application and let the customers discuss your products and services. In the social networks, users willingly share links to their favorite sites, ask for feedback and describe their customer experience. These are powerful tools for building your brand’s reputation, advertising your service and drawing the attention of potential clients.

Moreover, mobile users have amazing opportunities to get discounts and giveaways. This means that they can save money, so from a psychological perspective,  they are likely to interact with such shops on a regular basis.

3. Better efficiency and increased revenues

As a rule, mobile applications are more flexible and user-friendly. Although their implementation is quite expensive, they are likely to quickly pay off and increase sales. The correlation is simple: a good app with the right concept and functionality brings more clients; more clients result provide more orders, consequently, your earnings are increasing.

One more significant tool to increase sales and maintain the brand is push notifications. This is a cheap and effective promotion channel. Via push notifications, you can instantly deliver essential information to your customers and inspire them to make immediate orders.

push notifications

Source: Google

4. Detailed analytics

Data is easy to gather and track in the application. Mobile functionality allows you to monitor users’ interaction and gives you useful information about them, such as responsiveness to particular content and features, feedback, session length, audience composition. This may help deliver improvements and updates, create personalized content, develop marketing campaigns and an advanced marketing strategy. Do make use of mobile analytics.

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How to Develop an eCommerce Mobile App

Custom development of a native mobile solution for an eCommerce business is quite a challenge. You should follow some definite steps and pay attention to lots of details in order to get the process right. Here is the guide for the main building blocks required for the planning and creation your mobile eCommerce solution.


First of all, define your goals, the audience and the market you want to cover. This will help you imagine your future app and describe it to the developer, and determine the direction in which you can move forward.


Then, you should focus on your target customers and the functions the app will perform. This will help you formulate the ideas about the interface design and graphical features. For example, if your solution is going to be used to increase sales and earnings, you need to add such components as “Add to cart,” “Buy now” and “Wishlist.” It is also important to make a responsive design for different screen resolutions (smartphones, tablets and phablets). This will ensure optimal performance and experience for all the users.


This is a complex process of turning your ideas into reality and creating source code. Due to modern trends, mobile devices should be compatible with Android, iOS and Windows, with no limits. This is why it is a crucial point in developing cross-platform apps.

Effective communication is mostly reached by intuitive UI. You can use different design libraries to choose the most suitable icons and graphical features. Cocoa Controls is a popular open-source service for iOS components. Android Arsenal provides a collection of UI designs for Android developers.

After designing the UI, it is necessary to choose a framework to create an eCommerce mobile application. It should allow you to access data from any web server. There are some popular mobile eCommerce platforms:

  • WooCommerce is the leading open-source eCommerce platform that powers more than 28% of all online stores. It is the most customizable tool for building your online business.
  • Magento is one of the most popular open-source platforms. It is written in PHP, fully scalable and available to all types of businesses.
  • PrestaShop is another strong open-source framework. It has comprehensive product features for small, medium and large eCommerce stores.

These frameworks are suitable for small and medium stores. Actually, the list is endless, and it’s up to you to decide which one to choose.

One more step of app creation is the integration of a payment gateway. It is important as it provides a safe and secure payment system for your customers. Without a gateway, banking information will be at risk. The most popular internet payment systems are PayPal, Google Wallet and Apple Pay.


Once the mobile app for your eCommerce business is ready, you should think about its promotion. There should be a good strategy for how it will be distributed. You can use social networks, newsletters, email blasts, adverts and other tools for wide app adoption. You may also work with competent marketing specialists who will bring your app to the forefront.


As eCommerce mobile apps are used for online purchases, security concerns are crucial during the development process. Make sure that your developer provides several levels of security and complete project maintenance and support after the launch. Unless the clients trust your payment system, they will not download your application.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile eCommerce App?

The cost of an eCommerce project development consists of several components. To evaluate the approximate cost of your future solution, you should consider them all.

Development costs

  • Payments to the team (developers, project managers, designers, QA engineers)
  • Infrastructure
  • In-app purchasing
  • Share capabilities
  • Web services
  • Social media integration

Additional costs

  • Support
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Updates

The cost also depends on the development platform:

  • iOS apps can be built quicker, therefore they are cheaper as compared to Android projects
  • Android apps are more expensive and take more time to build

The complexity of the project should be taken into account as well.

For Android apps, cost ranges are as follows:

  • Elementary: $25,000 to $35,000
  • Standard: $45,000 to $55,000
  • Complex: $55,000 to $100,000
  • High-tech: $75,000 to $150,000

Estimated costs for iOS apps (for Apple devices) are as follows:

  • Simple, table-based: $1,000 to $4,000
  • Database: $8,000 to $50,000
  • Games: $10,000 to $250,000


Building an eCommerce mobile app is obviously an essential step for sales companies. An eCommerce website is good to have when the project goes live. It tests how the business idea works and provides information about the market.

But a website is not enough for further developing and conquering a wide audience. This is the main argument for online retailers to create corresponding mobile eCommerce apps. They help attract more clients, increase revenues and grab a significant market share.

A mobile app may entail a substantial investment. Development costs may range from $1,000 for a simple iOS app to $150,000 and more for complex apps.

SaM Solutions’ team of experts has the capacity to create mobile apps that will help your business gain more traction and captivate the attention of your customers. We are willing to provide you with the following services:

  • Business needs and requirements analysis
  • Creating the design of mobile applications or improving interface usability
  • Implementing apps for iOS, Android or “responsive” cross-device UI
  • Creating a mobile client app for your existing software system or mobile facade for several back-end systems
  • Turning the tablet or phone into a control panel for your device or equipment
  • Modernization of mobile applications, performance optimization
  • Mobile testing services

Our proposal is a great opportunity to successfully execute your digital commerce strategies that will deliver results.

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